I’ve finished making LOTUS E20 paper craft. / LOTUS E20 のペパクラが完成したよ

2012 LOTUS E20 and Sauber C31 paper craft
I’ve finished making a paper craft of LOTUS E20 F1 2012.

Why did I wrote this in English?
Well, yesterday I went to a BBQ party in my friend’s house. And I met an English teacher from America. We talked something for a while. But I couldn’t say what I want to say enough.

So, I start thinking in English while writing blogs. What? It makes me less than ever doesn’t it? I’ve not written blogs even Japanese? I know (^_^;;;)





日本語でも更新できてないのに? ってところで、けっこうマズいのですが、飽きるまではがんばります(^_^:)。