I changed UV map for Sauber C31 paper craft./ペーパークラフト用ザウバーF1 C31のUVを変更したよ

Sauber C31 F1 2012 3D model for paper craft image
I changed UV map on this model. It might seem nothing has changed. But the 3D model I made is for paper craft and icon. In this case UV should be the same dimension as real size. It’s important but tired work to remake UV map.

Sauber C31 is under construction by pepakura designer image
Well, It has been finished! After now, I only need to make several skins ! ……. except for M’claren (^_^;).

I love M’claren’s characteristic approach especially this year. But it makes me change the model quite a few part…. If Ihave a lot of time, I wish to change for Toro Rosso model ….

Anyway, It will probably be added to F1-LIFE’s product.