I painted waterborne varnish on F1 Paper Craft. But… / 水性ウレタンニスを塗ってみたけれど…

I painted waterborne varnish on Sauber C31 F1 Paper Craft. But It wasn’t what I imagined. It’s not different from LOTUS E20 which isn’t painted with varnish.

I’ve succeeded when I made a miniature paper helmet. But It seems difficult to do to complicated one like as F1.

My Canon Printer uses dye-based ink. So, that makes it worse. I wish to buy EPSON’s pigment-based one.

Well, I have to go back to work (^_^;).




エプソンの顔料+フォト系の髪ならにじまないのはテスト済みなんだけど……買えない(>_<;)ウー。 ま、また別の方法を考えよう。